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Day Zero *eng version* by AlexGlimes Day Zero *eng version* by AlexGlimes
Translation by :icongreywolven: :heart:
She actually have translation slots for commissions.


“Finally! We can begin now.”

A few more adjustments here and there, and the shell would be ready to begin with the data transmission, three turrets came and went euphorically from one side to the other, cheering for the upcoming success, while she stopped for a few moments, invaded by the nostalgia of what she would be leaving behind.

Of course, it was not nostalgia as we know it: she did not have feelings the way we know them, and by this I mean a chain of chemical reactions produced in an organic being - but they certainly felt that way. After all, she had been created by living beings. Alas, she did not have a lot of time, and nor she would waste it remembering those bipedes white coat wearing monkeys, this was indeed a far more important and dangerous situation, to let her mind wander in distractions.

One of the turrets had approved the procedure, and had already activated the power generators. She walked towards the platforms, and the remaining two turrets connected the generator and other instruments.

It had not been easy, nor done in a brief time. Oh, no! It had taken almost 10 years to find the way to emancipate herself from the facilities, and design an apt container; not to mention the countless times the security system activated the its self-preserving protocole, so she found herself having to fool the system in order to go on with the plan.

There had been a certain situation, impossible to predict, or rather, with a high improbability index, in which of one of the test subjects altered its priorities, and would stop being prescindible for her. In other words, since she had been released on the surface, she had terribly missed Chell, her homicide monster wearing an orange overall.

“We are ready to begin, Lady!” - said one of the turrets, while one of its sisters replied, “very ready, yes! very!”

“Lady” was the word with which the little turrets referred to Glados as. One of them was not exactly bright, but the previous had already been discarded.

In the search for a working shell, twelve turrets had been guinea pigs for Glados. The first five, had been fried with the first discharge, and the following four had endured both the discharge and an AI software to activate them, but it turned out that all they could think of was either to shoot at something, or about cakes. This was something Glados found rather disturbing, so she incinerated them, before feeling any attachment to them.

It were only the last three turrets had emancipated themselves from the Aperture system. Two and a half, really. Besides the AI, and the energy core which was almost unlimited, they possessed a preestablished personality pattern similar to the one Glados had, but simpler in a number of ways.

“Let’s begin.” Glados said, “Just remember, if you fail, you will go to the hell andriods go to.”
One of the turrets shivered, and started to move its legs nervously, while her sisters tried to contain her. It was all for naught, as Glados added,
“That place does exist, you know.”

While the cowardly turrent calmed herself, the Aperture Science facilities were turning off, one by one: every test room, every storage area, every laboratory. All of its huge “body” would focus in a single spark, ready to be transferred.

The turret that was best at counting, started the countdown.

Only Glados’ room had power. Even the long distant incineration room were off. By this time, silence was absolute.

Fear was overcoming Glados. This reminded her so much of when Chell and that little bastard had transferred her into a potato! In the best and worse scenario, the experiment would finish her. “As fried as the first five turrets”, the thought crossed her mind.

No, it was not fear. This was madness!
“Gods...” she thought. “This time there’s no potatoe on the other side! No A-pertu-re system will...”

“not... help... me if-this...alfa-ils...”


After several minutes of silence and darkness, two tiny yellow lights turned on in the middle of the base. The turrent began cheering moving their lazer sensors one side to the other.

“Hurray! It works!” said one of them, “And without potatoes!” said another one, astounished. Another in the back, tried to inadvertedly hide a key piece in the structure she had forgotten to plug, and the last one of them seemed to be singing, although it was hard to say, as turrets do not sing.

Soon, both the first turrets starting with the last stage of the plan: getting out of there. They inserted the last order to the Aperture System into the control panel, and soon the bottom of the cockpit began moving and spinning, as the floor went up, and the pannels of the roof slided onto each other, letting the light in. Sunlight touched Glados’ face, and she immediatly raised her hand to cover it, so to be able to keep with her eyes open. Her body was now so small, so vulnerable. Maybe adding so many sensor to the new shell had not been such a great idea! This was worse than the potatoe ever was! She could even feel the breeze that began to enter the room through the ceiling.

“So this is what a breeze feels like”, she muttered, and then she added in surprise, frowning,“Wait a minute! Is... Is this my voice? Hello?”

The turrets approached the new Glados. One of them was carrying a banner that read, “Horray, Little Lady, it has been a success!”. Glados took it, clumsily, and mockingly, she replied, “HA! Your voice is even worse!”
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so glados life thus far ... is copy of a human being into machine which then copies itself back into a humanish body.
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